Here at Anglian Pond supplies, we’re a small family run business with over 25 years’ experience in designing and building ponds. We offer all aspects of pond works from small maintenance jobs to complete pond builds, from fish health checks to fish transportation. If you want to see more of our services, our Services page will explain in more detail, a variety of the different services that we currently offer. We like to keep it personal to the customer, so all work is done completely by ourselves and not contracted out which allows us to keep an extremely high standard in all areas of our work. Any work done is completed with minimum disturbance and interruption to you, the customer.

Completed Pond

Pond maintenance

Pond Maintenance is a very important and essential requirement on all ponds no matter of size. All too often pond maintenance is overlooked, and the end result is completely devastating. We at Anglian Pond Supplies can offer a bespoke maintenance package created for each individual pond, after a site visit by one of their experience members of the team.

Pond Cleans

Keeping your pond clean will help provide a better environment for all your fish, at Anglian Pond Supplies, we drain down ponds completely and try to keep at least 50% of the existing water where possible to keep the environment as similar as it can be for the fish when they are returned to the pond once work has been completed. Fish and water are kept in koi vats whilst work is being carried out. We thoroughly clean out the pond and jet Wash where appropriate i.e., Type of liner or fibreglass. All equipment i.e.: pump, filter etc etc Is stripped down and cleaned thoroughly. On completion the water and fish are returned to a fresh clean pond.

Pond Clean