At Anglian Pond Supplies, we pride ourselves on keeping the process personal to you. And as such, we offer a variety of services depending on your and your ponds’ needs. From designing to maintenance and pond cleans to regular health checks, we offer it. All of our services at Anglian Pond Supplies are completed by us and not 3rd party contractors which allows us to provide the highest form of excellence. Below are only a few services that we currently offer and additionally, if you need more information from us or want a quote give us a call or visit the Contact Us page.

Pond Design

We can help design your dream pond. We would arrange a convenient time to visit you to discuss the following:

  • Size & Shape
  • Type of Pond
  • Additional Features (Waterfalls, Lights, Splitters, Fountains etc.)
  • Filter System Size
  • Location of Pond

Pond Maintenance

Something that people overlook is pond maintenance and the result is devastating. This is why maintenance is extremely important and essential for any pond.

  • One of our in house team will visit the site to evaluate
  • Because we excel at making each build for your needs, we offer a bespoke maintenance package created for each individual pond from the results of the site visit

Pond Builds

We take your dream pond and turn it into reality. Our process is:

  • Firstly, we confirm all details of the design are still correct
  • Secondly, we build the pond
  • Line pond with liner or fibreglass.
  • Connect & Plumb in filter system.
  • Etc, etc.

Fish Transportation

What happens to the fish whilst work is carried out? We offer solutions for your needs:

  • We offer to transport your fish to a destination of your choice
  • Or, we can supply you with a temporary Koi vat & filter to house your fish
  • Similarly, we also offer to look after your fish in a secure quarantined facility

Fish Healthchecks

Keeping your fish in good health is important to us. This is why we offer services below:

  • Water checks to ensure the fish are in the best environment
  • Also, we offer to check the fish by scraping the fish and checking under a microscope. If any fish shows signs of illness, it gets treated accordingly.

Pond Cleans

A pond clean is a good way to keep your pond looking new. Pond Cleans include:

  • Firstly, we drain the pond whilst keeping 50% of the water
  • Fish & water are kept in Koi vats while work is done
  • After that, we clean the pond & jet wash (depends on liner or fibreglass)
  • Pumps & filters are stripped & cleaned
  • Finally, the fish & water are returned to the pond